Preventive Maintenance vs. Corrective Maintenance

Even taking into account the potential waste of preventive maintenance, these costs tend to be much lower than when repairing an asset only when there is already a functional failure. Strategies focused on preventive maintenance represent cost savings in relation to corrective maintenance.  Some estimates point to savings between 40 and 60% annually when preventive maintenance is the focus.

 Types of maintenance strategy Sources: Adapted from BS 3811 (1987 ...

Preventive Maintenance vs. Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Although there is a certain tendency to confuse reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) with simple preventive maintenance, they are not the same thing. In short, the aim of RCM is to increase the availability of assets. Obviously, this requires a major focus on preventive maintenance, but not exclusively.

There are several  types of maintenance that fit into a strategy focused on reliability, including predictive maintenance, on which we will focus in the next few paragraphs. Therefore, although preventive maintenance and RCM overlap, they are not the same and should not be used as synonyms.